*Annica born 63
*Goal determent capricorn
*Happy mother of three children
 and "wife" (partner?)
*Height: 167 cm
*Weight (kg): 150/-/-/65
*Method: WW Points Plan
 and some common sence


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Annica... getting there!

Why I want to lose weight!

Because I want...

  • to feel good!
  • to be able to take a walk without getting a lot of pain
  • to move without hitting into things
  • to walk in stairs without breathing like crazy
  • to reduce the risk to get diabetes (exists in the family)
  • to see peoples faces when they see the new me :)
  • to be able to sit in chairs with armrest (is that the right word?)
  • to not being affraid of eating in a restaurant
  • to eat among people without "hearing" them whisper "as fat as she is she shouldn't need to eat, she can live on the fat".
  • the family to be able to get their arms around me when hugging me
  • to all the seatbelts in cars to fit around me not only the ones in the front seat
  • to be able to find cloths in a regular shop not only in catalogs for big sizes
  • to like how I look like
  • to sleep better
  • to be able to sit with crossed legs
  • to not have pain in hips and knees
  • to not sweating so easily
  • to live not only existing
  • to be able to have sex in new ways ;o)
  • to get my dream wedding with PÅ :)