*Annica born 63
*Goal determent capricorn
*Happy mother of three children
 and "wife" (partner?)
*Height: 167 cm
*Weight (kg): 150/-/-/65
*Method: WW Points Plan
 and some common sence


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Annica... getting there!

BMI test

If you want to calculate your BMI yourself the formula is: W/L where L=length in m and W=weight in kg, weight/length*length. If you want to change the formula to lbs and inch it would be: (W/2,2)/(((length*2,54)/100)*((length*2,54)/100))
If you don't want to do the calculating yourself, you can use this BMI test instead :)

A calculator might come in handy if you decide to give it a try yourself :)


My weight is 130,6kg (at oct. 15 -01) and I'm 1,67m tall (short ;o).

We take the weight (130,6) divide it with the length (1,67) to the power of 2 (1,67*1,67), that would be 130,6/1,67 or 130,6/1,67*1,67. That makes my BMI: 47,26 rounded = 47, as you can see I'm not exactly slim ;o).

Some guidelines to what BMI one should have:

19-25Normal weight